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Summer Septic Maintenance & Tips

If you’re anything like our family, your yard gets a lot more use in the summer — it’s almost June, and barbecues, parties, and summer vacations are right around the corner. Here are some tips for keeping your septic system healthy as you enjoy time together.

Watch out for standing water

Saturated areas can become a health hazard. Don’t overuse sprinklers to the point where it creates excessive moisture over the drainfield. Keep an eye out for standing water in your yard, especially in places where an irrigation system spray area overlaps with an aerobic system spray area.

Party safely

Summer parties are fun, but you may want to take a few extra precautions.

  • Don’t use open area as parking if that’s where your drainfield is located. Driving over the drainfield can crush your lines and cause major damage, repair, and expense.

  • Remind guests to be careful what they flush. If it’s not waste or toilet paper, it shouldn’t go down the pipes.

  • Prepare food in advance, use paper goods at mealtimes, and pretend you don’t have a garbage disposal.

Consider scheduling a septic pumping

Your septic tank should be cleaned every three to five years as regular maintenance. However, if you are expecting a very large party where you might hydraulically overload the system, consider pumping out your tank the day before or the day of the party. This gives the drainfield a short resting period while the tank fills, and can help prevent septic system overload.

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