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Septic Tank Spring Maintenance

Many people worry about their septic systems throughout the winter, but there are actually several things you should do in order to prepare for spring. Regular maintenance and inspections are always a good idea when it comes to septic tanks, especially if you notice any signs that your system may be in need of repairs. Of course, whenever the season and temperature changes is a common time for problems to be arise, so you should be especially on the lookout as the last snow of winter melts away.

Most people do some form of spring cleaning, so consider adding your septic tank on to your to-do list. When winter snow melts, it can make the water table go higher, which in turn could cause your tank to overflow. Even if a winter is light on snow, water can build up throughout the season and cause problems after a few months of buildup.

Scheduling an inspection during the beginning of spring is a great way to avoid any major issues. This will allow a professional to analyze the general state of your system, and identify if any problems popped up over the winter. Regular inspections are a great form of preventative maintenance, and can actually end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

Signs that something may be wrong after the winter include standing water over your septic cover. This is a major red flag that should be investigated as soon as possible. If your system is clogged, make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals in an attempt to clear it up. Chemicals can actually kill good bacteria that you want to remain in your system.

Take advantage of these maintenance tips and you can expect your septic system to run fine throughout the spring and beyond.

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